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Full Circle Recycling 
A true Full-Circle Recycler®, Resolute Forest Products is one of North America's largest manufacturers of recycled content newsprint for use in making newspapers. 

The paper you recycle today may be the newspaper you read in just a few weeks …. and again ... and again. 

This process is called Full-Circle Recycling.



Use these tools to help communicate your recycling program to
your members and to the community.

Paper Retriever Video (8 minutes)
10 Retriever Ad - Zippi Do
:10 Retriever Ad - Clutter
10 Retriever Ad - Crinkle

8.5" x 11" Paper Recycling Process Poster
11" x 17" Paper Recycling Process Poster
8.5" x 11" Full Circle Paper Recycling Poster
11" x 17" Full Circle Paper Recycling Poster
Tools and Resources
Recycling Clip Art
Paper Retriever Bin Photo
Paper Retriever Template - 1 page color
Paper Retriever Template - 2 sided color
Six Dynamics (English)
Six Dynamics (Spanish)